Ecigarettes on United Planes

United Airline bans all “stimulated smoking material” are banned.  So you can’t smoke on a United plane.

We just wanted to make sure you knew what the updated policies were with major airlines like United. Do be careful if you attempt to vape in the bathroom of a United flight. It’s against the rules and definitely not recommended.

Electronic Cigarettes on Delta Airline

Delta airline does “not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board any Delta or Delta connection aircraft”.

So if you’re planning on vaping on a plane or taking your electronic cig with you on a flight, make sure you aren’t flying on Delta airlines because it is now forbidden.

Southwest Airlines No E Cigarettes


Southwest Airlines classified “electronic cigarettes and smoking devices” as never permitted.  So although they don’t come out and say it, you can’t smoke an e cigarette on a Southwest flight.

So plan on flying with a different airline if you really want to vape on the airplane since it’s now forbidden to use ecigs on Southwest Airlines.

JetBlue Ban Ecig


Jetblue does not allow you to smoke your electronic cigarettes on their planes.  Here is their official statement, although electronic cigarettes “may be non-hazardous, JetBlue does not allow the use of them on any of our flights,” because the vapor produce is a “nuisance”.


Airplane Smoking Policies

Welcome to Airplane Ecig!  We put this website together for people who fly a lot or who are planning to fly and weren’t sure what the rules are for each air line in terms of whether you can smoke or not on the plane.

Hope this will make your flight plans go easier and so that you can smoke your e cigarette on the plane or airport.